Côté cour, Côté jardin, 10 lieux insolites, 10 œuvres artistiques.
Un parcours éphémère à ciel ouvert dans des cadres insolites, que les
propriétaires ouvrent exceptionnellement le temps d'une journée.
Dans le centre historique de Chartres, le dimanche 12 juin de 11h à 17h.

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While first artists enjoyed picturing individual beings as bare, these were progressively clothed, unclothed and then clad again. Raiment highlight virtue, whether finely draping, circumstantial garments enhancing the shapely bodies of vestals, or stern priestly robes by Jean de la Huerta and Antonin le Moiturier in the 15th century, who humbled the weeping figures wearing them into submissive attitudes. This virtue in clothing begets attributes lent to the character wearing them, whose form becomes recognizable, and eclipses its face.

The balanced mass of the hooded one, arch-type of the meditating wanderer, is attractive and worrying because it oozes the un-dead being, a representation of Humanity yearning for salvation while staring at its unavoidable end. Here, hoods have found a face again, an animal one. Is it a reference to Jerome Bosch's monk animals, or more simply a continuation of his previous work on animal sculpture? These ghostly shapes made of plaster, clay, and wood, concrete or resin resound deep within us in manifest ways.

Such creatures appear sanctifying from afar, but turn into nothing more than natural being of the animal kingdom once they are beheld within touching distance. Damien Granelle opens here a new page of his artistic oeuvre; a great work has just begun.

Hervé Petit.


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